Fun Sucker

“Whoosh,…what’s that sound? Fun being sucked right out of you.” This is an exact quote from my client on Friday speaking of his sister who has a great tendency to be the party pooper.

Who in your world is the Fun Sucker? Who sucks the fun right out of the party of life? What if

Fun Sucking Finger
Fun Sucking Finger

that’s you? Maybe you’re the one who is so work focused, so intense that fun isn’t part of your vocabulary or what you know how to do?

Someone I know and love dearly is a fun sucker although I’d never thought of her in that way. Her husband and children have a great sense of humor but not her; she frowns when someone tries to make her laugh or tell a good joke. Growing up with someone like this as your mentor puts a different tint on life. Rather than learning to laugh I learned to manage situations, not people.

And, to my chagrin, like my mentor I’m another who has been a fun sucker much too often with my family and friends not knowing or understanding that’s what I was doing. And if there was any way I could twitch my nose and make myself be funny, I’d do so in a New York minute.

Maybe I should have done drugs to be relaxed about life. That’s it! I was too uptight about life, about struggling to overcome poverty, too uptight trying to be a perfect person and modeling behavior that I didn’t know I was modeling. Ugh, Yuck. Pthewy.

One day it dawned on me that a co-worker always laughed and that I enjoyed being with her and her husband because they always made me laugh too. Thus began my earnest effort to be less Fun Sucker and more fun.

How do you help someone be more fun, have more fun?  Post your comments below of the Fun Sucker in your life or how you’ve overcome being the Fun Sucker!


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