A good intro

Why do I care to read your blog?

This is an introduction to me, Brenda Gayle Dees Patton, an extraordinary Realtor in North Dallas and to my blog. You really want to read my blog as it provides insights into real estate and the Texas economy that you won’t find anyplace else.

What has brought me to this point

For many years I was a Purchasing Agent, Buyer, Procurement Agent, and Manager in a large corporation. My responsibilities varied from purchasing parts and labor for products the government was buying from my company to analyzing supplier proposals or evaluating inventory levels. It was important to have rock-solid documentation, following the established procedures and I was very good. The government expected our group to also obtain the best price for those parts and labor so negotiation skills were paramount.

After living on both coastlines and in many different states it was time to settle into a community and set down roots. Both adult sons and my stepdaughter lived in the Dallas area so it just made sense to make Dallas my new home.

Retiring to a rocking chair or baking cookies and cooking Sunday dinners is not possible for an ADHD person, there’s got to be more. Something to engage the brain and keep me out of the house so after leaving the defense industry I entered the field of real estate where I could use my negotiation skills, love of research, and passion for helping people in a business that thrives on a person’s reputation. Now I help people find homes, someplace they love going home to, and do so within their budget. Here is a picture of a Thank You card that my client’s daughter made for me the other day. This is what it’s all about.


What you’ll find here

Although I could, and actually do, journal privately there are many things to share publicly and blogging is a perfect way to share information about the communities here in Dallas. In fact, I have three objectives with this blog: first and foremost is blogging about our communities here, bringing information to the readers of new communities, information about builders, and information about various cities. Second, I really like watching the local economy, finding out which company is moving into the area, how many jobs that company is bringing, what is the expected impact and more. Lastly, this blog is to provide some personal perspective on where I think the growth is here and where it will be going.

What’s next

During this next year my blogs will become a great source of information, light-hearted and witty, so come back again with a glass of cold lemonade (I prefer a glass of dry Chardonnay or a good whiskey) and check out my new posts on Interest Rate Prison or the Texas Economy, and leave me a comment, even if it’s about your favorite wine or restaurant in the area.

Need Help?

As a Realtor I maintain a list of professional and trades people who are licensed, qualified contractors to help you with Mortgages, Financial Planning, Insurance, Air Conditioning, Plumbing needs, and more. Or if you need any repairs and updates to your home, I’d be happy to refer these excellent people.


This blog is fun, fun, fun; fun to write, fun to read, just fun.


If you have any questions regarding buying or selling a house in the North Dallas or DFW market, or want to discuss the Texas Economic Update, please contact me via email atbrendapatton@ebby.com or call 469-408-3148.

Brenda Patton is a Texas-Licensed Realtor with Ebby Halliday Realtors located at 1415 Legacy Dr., Suite 100, Frisco, TX 75034. Office Telephone is 972-334-6564.


One thought on “A good intro

  1. Very good introduction and description of who you are and your plans for the blog! I think you like to have fun. 😉

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